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Though E V O L V E Sobriety’s recovery & treatment network extends far beyond Canadian borders, we maintain a central and straightforward inbound communication system. Whether you live in Montréal,  Toronto,  Ottawa,  Halifax,  Winnipeg or Vancouver,  Winnipeg or virtually anywhere else within the bounds of North America and Europe,  E V O L V E SOBRIETY has established networks of well trained and experienced addiction treatment & recovery professionals on standby at all times.

We offer a few contact options, each of which will bring you directly to our main service hub in eastern Canada. Below we offer; a confidential contact form, our toll-free number and our main administrative email. We realize you’re going through a difficult time now; we’ve been there! We know how much of a struggle it can be to pick up the phone. We promise you this however,  an amazing life awaits you on the other end,  we see it every day.

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