DUI Nova Scotia
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DUI Nova Scotia

In Canada, Nova Scotia is one of the strictest provinces when it comes to cases of driving under the influence (DUI). Nova Scotia tolerates a lower limit of blood alcohol content for its drivers.

In the United States and most Canadian provinces, the legal limit of blood alcohol content (BAC) for drivers is 0.08. However, a driver who tested above 0.05 can be charged with a DUI in Nova Scotia.

Consequences of a DUI in Nova Scotia

Instances of DUI in Nova Scotia are considered serious offences as they put drivers, passengers, pedestrians, as well as other motorists at risk. For this reason, a DUI in Nova Scotia is heavily penalized by the law. Below is a list of the consequences of being charged with a DUI in Nova Scotia:

Consequences of a DUI in Nova Scotia: License Suspension

The length of license suspension varies according to the severity of a DUI in Nova Scotia. Drivers with a BAC score between 0.05 and 0.08 are immediately suspended for 24 hours. And, a driver caught with a BAC above 0.08 are suspended for 90 days.

Offenders who are convicted in court for a DUI in Nova Scotia face harsher penalties. First-time violators are placed on a year-long driving prohibition. For the second offence, the suspension is three years long. Third-time DUI Nova Scotia offenders will serve a 10-year ban, while a life-time prohibition is the penalty for the fourth offence.

Consequences of a DUI in Nova Scotia: Fines and Fees

A DUI in Nova Scotia is not only extremely dangerous, it’s very costly as well. Drivers can be fined from $600 up to $2,000 if caught with a DUI in Nova Scotia. The offender will also be charged $115 for a license reinstatement fee.

There are more financial consequences when caught with a DUI in Nova Scotia. In addition to the fines, offenders will also see a significant increase in their auto insurance premium.

Consequences of a DUI in Nova Scotia: Mandatory Substance Use Education

Individuals who are convicted with a DUI in Nova Scotia will undergo an alcohol and drug dependency screening. After the test has been administered, the person charged with DUI in Nova Scotia will be referred to a treatment program if there are signs of addiction.

Meanwhile, drivers who show no signs of substance addiction must participate in a program for DUI in Nova Scotia. The course could take a full year to complete.

Consequences of a DUI in Nova Scotia: Ignition Interlock Installation

An ignition interlock device could also be installed on the vehicle of a person charged with DUI in Nova Scotia. This is a way for first-time offenders of DUI in Nova Scotia to have their licenses reinstated earlier.

To avoid further cases of DUI in Nova Scotia, the ignition interlock device requires the offender to pass a Breathalyzer test before turning the vehicle on. Should the driver fail, the vehicle’s engine will not start. The device can be removed after nine months.

Consequences of a DUI in Nova Scotia: Imprisonment

A DUI in Nova Scotia could result in serving jail time. Repeat offenders of DUI in Nova Scotia could serve a minimum of 14 days. Meanwhile, a person who gets caught three or more times for DUI in Nova Scotia could face a minimum of 90 days. 

Greater penalties apply if a DUI in Nova Scotia has caused an injury or fatality. In severe cases, the offender can face life imprisonment and a permanent driver’s license revocation. 

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