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If you or someone you know needs immediate help in treating their drug or alcohol addiction, co-occurring disorder or mental health concern, it is imperative to act quickly. The fact of the matter is that substance abuse maladies all too often become the source of great tragedy, such as overdose, prison or death.

Time is a luxury not afforded to those in crisis.

The great advantage of choosing affordable, appropriate & private resources is there are no waiting times of weeks or months that the Canadian & American publicly funded systems have.

When someone requires drug or alcohol treatment or asks for help, there is a small window of opportunity. E V O L V E can quickly & compassionately put you on the right path, created specifically for you.

Our rapid response team & concierge recovery services are waiting.


E V O L V E  SOBRIETY offers a variety of key advantages, two of which being:

  • A sense of immediacy
  • An expertise in services that extends well beyond the norm

Time is a luxury not afforded to those in crisis. We know this reality all too well, and whether chemical dependency, a mental health issue or both on a co-occurring basis, the time to act is now or as soon as otherwise physically possible.

Beyond our ability to provide immediate crisis management throughout Canada, United States & Europe, is a depth in expertise and insight that is a cornerstone in who we are, what we do and how we do it. From intervention and treatment referral to our recovery coaching and sober concierge services, we strive for excellence in every service provided.


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The E V O L V E Advantage includes a confidential psycho-social assessment which often begins the moment you call.

We begin building a profile of the intended client. We take into account the type of addiction, mental & physical health concerns, history (both physical & mental) as well as any special needs that should be addressed.

We help clients, family members and employees/employers in times of distress. Expert guidance is provided to help those involved feel supported in making the most informed choices. Our staff is dedicated, compassionate, determined and ready to help clients on the journey to recovery. We believe that the best outcome is achieved when a treatment program is carefully chosen to meet each individual need. Compassion, respect and teamwork sets the tone for the care we provide.

E V O L V E creates an environment of trust, honesty and safety as people seek to improve the quality of their lives and achieve recovery.

E V O L V E’s client’s lives are changing not only for the addict but for their friends & family as well. Drug & alcohol addiction (Substance Use Disorder) is a treatable disease and the cycle can be broken.


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Treatment Referral


After assessing the needs of both client and family, we are able to provide  support, suggestions and solutions tailored specifically for them. We take extreme care and pride in our providers. The sense of trust is such that we would, without question, refer a friend or loved one to any of our provider network facilities.

E V O L V E refers to only quality and well-vetted treatment centers and addiction recovery professionals. Each specializes in certain areas of expertise in the addictions and mental health disciplines. Likewise each has a specific geographic region it serves.  For instance, a treatment center focusing on dual diagnosis patients in Alberta, Canada is not instead of a similar type facility we work with in Ontario or New Brunswick and so forth.

The E V O L V E referral network includes: medical detox centres, inpatient-residential drug rehabs & mental health facilities, intensive outpatient programs (IOP), group therapy, private therapists, etc. We provide the best fit options based on client assessment, locality, affordability, etc.

For some individuals and families, the option to choose out of province/state or out of country treatment services has become more common and can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, such as, greater privacy and fewer temptations given the unfamiliar region.

Our network includes international resources and in most cases we are able to manage logistics for clients traveling to treatment such as, flights, transport to centre & sober companion if needed.

Our preferred private treatment centres & recovery professionals have no waiting times, and admissions are possible within 48 hours from initial contact.


E V O L V E  is available to answer your questions or concerns 24/7 — call us now to find out how we can help…(877) 747-4887



Myth: An addict must hit rock bottom, having lost everything & everyone before having a real chance at sobriety.

The idea of allowing a cherished loved one with a potentially fatal medical condition to “hit bottom” before intervening and offering options for treatment is completely irrational. The rock bottom myth propels the stigma associated with substance use disorder, and that would never be suggested in any other field. We are moving towards “Raising the bottom” and adopting an understanding that alcoholism and drug addiction is not a moral failing but a medical concern that should be addressed as soon as possible.

A lack of response to drug & alcohol addiction, in fact most addictions for that matter, leads to the increased likelihood of harmful physical and mental consequences including incarceration, institutions and death.

E V O L V E interventionists are trained professionals who facilitate and execute carefully crafted interventions on individuals whose lives have become unmanageable due to addiction & mental health issues. Confronting your loved one without the proper guidance & expertise is not advisable and could ultimately cause more harm than good.

The interventionist also acts as a guide for the participants, usually family and friends. He or she will educate, enlighten & strategize with everyone involved.

E V O L V E interventionists are available all throughout Canada as well as the U.S. and Europe.


We’re here for you 7 days a week (877) 747-4887.


Case Management


At E V O L V E our case managers are compassionate client focused professionals who take a holistic approach in coordinating, managing and monitoring all aspects of the client’s addiction recovery care and general well being.

As an individual embarks on the journey of recovery, our case managers guide the process of treatment center selection, aftercare planning, travel & transport, transition plans and more. They also coordinate clinical care services like counselors, recovery & life coaches, doctors (general practitioners as well as mental health physicians, i.e., psychiatrists and psychologists), lawyers and court assistance, etc.

Our case managers are the single point of contact, thus removing (or greatly minimizing) the obligation & stress from the individual, family members and/or employer. Case managers play a critical role in the early recovery process, especially for those who are new to the concepts of recovery. Getting sober from drugs or alcohol is unlike anything else, and generally entails a process unlike anything else.

We at E V O L V E are guided by a steadfast commitment to ensuring our clients are supported in all areas of their life, including family dynamics & social & community connections, thereby allowing the individual to wholeheartedly focus on their own healing and recovery. As you embark on this life-changing journey, your case manager will be there to navigate the waters for you through education, information, direction & structure, objectives, experience and encouragement.


Call 24/7 for more information (877) 747-4887.

Family Support


E V O L V E  SOBRIETY firmly believes that the families, friends and colleagues are not only affected, but likewise infected, as a direct result of being in close proximity to the toxicity of an active alcoholic or drug addicts (Substance Use Disorder). Loved ones suffer tremendous stress & confusion as they witness the downward spiral as a direct result of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Often times families, in desperation to help the addict, begin a cycle of co-dependancy & enabling. They too are slowly and insidiously drawn into the depths of substance abuse as not only witnesses, but hostages as well.

At E V O L V E we have the experience to help families navigate treatment and long term recovery for their loved one, as well as for themselves and the betterment of the family unit (relationship).  We provide a range of programs & resources geared to educate and support individuals who are involved with someone battling drug-alcohol addiction and/or behavioral-mental health issues.

From initial contact to interventions; from residential treatment to comprehensive aftercare, including preparation for return home, such as; sober living-transitional housing, ongoing therapy and/or outpatient rehab and other support services.

Call to speak with an addiction specialist now!  E V O L V E  is available 24/7 (877) 747-4887.


Sober Companions & Coaching


Sober companions & coaches are transitional experts who provide strength & knowledge to overcome obstacles. E V O L V E ‘s recovery assistants implement a personalized recovery action plan for early days of return from treatment or a segue into addiction treatment in any form. We offer help by monitoring and supporting to maintain overall wellness and safety. We provide guidance with daily living, successful family reintegration, returning to the community, career & education and more.

Our recovery assistants establish and cultivate trust and accountability to encourage new, healthy habits & behaviors, as well as setting goals for sobriety including attaining the quality of life you seek.

Sober companions are trained individuals typically in recovery themselves, with the training & expertise to walk alongside people 24/7 in early recovery from drug & alcohol addiction. They are available to accompany the client at all times with discretion to any meeting or function. This ensures a level of security & greater ease in everyday life while attending social or professional events, especially ones that tend to include relapse triggers.

Sober Coaching is beneficial as part of the continuum of care, as the client becomes more comfortable & less at risk of relapse. The transition from 24hr support to daily check-ins also includes, weekly goal setting, strategies and emergency support in recovery. We help focus on strengths & resiliency and provide the strategies & skills to face life on life’s terms. Sober coaches are usually in recovery themselves and are able to incorporate some of their own personal experiences within the client’s guidance and planning.

For questions about our recovery coaching or any other services contact E V O L V E  24/7 (877) 747-4887.


Sober Transport


E V O L V E ‘s  recovery escorts minimize risk while alleviating the stress & anxiety associated with traveling while in a vulnerable state. We specialize in transporting clients safely and comfortably to their intended destination.

Different factors such as intoxication, complicated itineraries and an uncertain commitment, can all sabotage the goal of successfully arriving at a treatment program, sober living, or post-treatment return home. Our escorts provide understanding, encouragement & empowerment. They are able to respond to questions or fears and work through most any concern.

We will handle the logistics of the travel plan and make all travel arrangements, always trying to manage travel costs. Loved ones can be assured the client is in good hands while under our transport care.

E V O L V E will communicate with all concerned parties & facilities to ensure a smooth transitional experience for everyone.


Call to speak with an addiction specialist now!  E V O L V E  is available 24/7 (877) 747-4887.


Online Coaching & Support


Our online coaching was created out of necessity in these changing times. Today’s fast pace lifestyle and time constraints of living are challenges we all face.

The E V O L V E Advantage Online has solutions to fit your lifestyle. Moreover, our online coaching & support services are available to both, client and family.

We offer text, email & video support through a secure platform, allowing you to communicate with your coach at the time and manner you prefer with complete confidentiality.Coaches respond with reassurance, guidance and advice 1-2 times daily. If you need more, for whatever reason, simply alert your coach.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night with a burning desire to get something off your chest. Rather than stressing about the issue, clients could immediately email their E V O L V E coach & voila!  You’re into action rather than anxiety. In addition, clients have a record of previous email discussions from their coach, offering guidance that would be helpful to refer to.

Since the secure messages we exchange are the coaching, clients can literally be in a coaching “session” anywhere, anytime, day or night. They can communicate with their coach as often as they want and whenever they feel it is needed. E V O L V E coaches also help set goals and check-in throughout process together to make sure the client is on track, focused and motivated.

Studies show the benefits of online counseling/coaching as a proven & effective method for offering support.

Discover the freedom of online addiction support & coaching . . . convenient, effective, easily accessible.


Customer Support is available 24/7 to answer questions regarding the E V O L V E Advantage Online | (877) 747-4887


The Right Service | The Right Solution


E V O L V E understands that all who have invested time and resources in seeking solutions to addiction/mental health issues will benefit by staying the course and continuing the process by engaging our services to support a new way of life in recovery. Remember, sobriety and recovery is a process, not an event. In fact those with substantial sober time, and equally important “quality” sober time, will nearly always agree that the slowness of the process is a good thing, so long as you are always moving forward.

Regardless if an individual is in active addiction, right out of residential treatment or sober for some period of time, the E V O L V E advantage can help with our rapid response team and concierge recovery services. Our service array is broad and fluid, yet designed to be molded as a wrap-around solution as per the needs of the client and those closely intertwined in his or her life.

Call 24/7 to learn more about the E V O L V E Advantage | (877) 747-4887.


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