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The E V O L V E Advantage includes a confidential psycho-social assessment which often begins the moment you call.

We begin building a profile of the intended client. We take into account the type of addiction, mental & physical health concerns, history (both physical & mental) as well as any special needs that should be addressed.

We help clients, family members and employees/employers in times of distress. Expert guidance is provided to help those involved feel supported in making the most informed choices. Our staff is dedicated, compassionate, determined and ready to help clients on the journey to recovery. We believe that the best outcome is achieved when a treatment program is carefully chosen to meet each individual need. Compassion, respect and teamwork sets the tone for the care we provide.

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E V O L V E creates an environment of trust, honesty and safety as people seek to improve the quality of their lives and achieve recovery.

E V O L V E’s client’s lives are changing not only for the addict but for their friends & family as well. Drug & alcohol addiction (Substance Use Disorder) is a treatable disease and the cycle can be broken.

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