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Bespoke In-Home Recovery

Evolve Sobriety curates in-home team programing. An example of basic programing:

  • Case Management Lead your case manager, will meet regularly with you and ensure that your service plan is working at it’s optimum for you.
  • Registered Psychotherapist (RP) – with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of (Province), will offer 2 weekly psychotherapy meetings.
  • Certified Recovery Coach will be in contact with you twice daily and available on call for support 24/7 for texts & calls.

Bespoke, in-home treatment for mental health and addictions involves a personalized approach to treating individuals in the comfort of their own homes. The treatment is tailored to the specific needs and goals of the individual and may involve a team of professionals, including psychiatrists, therapists, and addiction specialists.

The treatment plan may begin with an initial assessment to identify the patient’s mental health and addiction needs, followed by the development of a personalized treatment plan. The treatment may include a combination of therapy, coaching, pharmacology and other forms of support to help the individual cope with their mental health and addiction challenges.

Individuals who opt for in-home treatment benefit from easy access to mental health and addiction professionals without the need to travel to appointments. The treatment offers a more personalized and flexible approach to mental health and addiction treatment, with professionals working around the individual’s schedule and comfort level.

In-home treatment also provides a safe environment for individuals struggling with mental health and addiction challenges. The treatment ensures a supportive and therapeutic environment where individuals can learn essential skills to manage their mental health and addiction and improve their quality of life. It gives an opportunity to recover as they continue to engage in their personal & professional lives while receiving real time support as life is in session.

A care team will be assembled that may in include a case Management lead, a registered psychotherapist, a certified recovery coach, meditation facilitator, family support, nutritional support, yoga, and much more….