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Nutritional Support

Developing healthy eating habits is important for everyone, but it becomes even more crucial for individuals recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. The toll that even short-term addiction takes on the body is significant, as it forces the body to work extra hard to eliminate toxic substances and protect itself from their harmful effects. Restoring nutritional balance is essential in repairing the damage caused by addiction.

While different substances have specific effects on health, many of them have similar impacts on a person’s ability to obtain the necessary nutrients for recovery. Those who abuse drugs may experience one or more of the following general symptoms:

-Loss of appetite: Many substances suppress appetite or cause individuals to forget about eating altogether.

-Poor eating choices: Under the influence, people are more likely to make unhealthy food decisions, such as relying on fast food or sugary treats.

-Hypoglycemia: Insufficient sustenance or an improper diet can lead to low blood sugar levels.

-Organ damage: Most drugs directly harm the organs responsible for breaking down and processing nutrients.

-Gastrointestinal disorders: Alcohol and other drugs contribute to chronic issues in the gastrointestinal tract, which impairs the effective absorption of nutrients from food.