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Sober Companions & Coaching

Sober companions & coaches are transitional experts who provide strength & knowledge to overcome and falls certified recovery coaches implement a personalized recovery action plan for early days of return from treatment or a segue into addiction treatment in any form. We offer help by monitoring and supporting to maintain overall wellness and safety. We provide guidance with daily living, successful family reintegration, returning to the community, career & education and more.

Our recovery assistants establish and cultivate trust and accountability to encourage new, healthy habits & behaviors, as well as setting goals for sobriety including attaining the quality of life you seek.

Sober companions are certified trained coaches typically in recovery themselves, with the training & expertise to walk alongside people 24/7 in early recovery from drug & alcohol addiction. They are available to accompany the client at all times with discretion to any meeting or function. This ensures a level of security & greater ease in everyday life while attending social or professional events, especially ones that tend to include relapse triggers.

Sober Companions and Coaches image from evolve sobriety
Sober Companions and Coaches image from evolve sobriety

Sober Coaching is beneficial as part of the continuum of care, as the client becomes more comfortable & less at risk of relapse. The transition from 24hr support to daily check-ins also includes, weekly goal setting, strategies and emergency support in recovery. We help focus on strengths & resiliency and provide the strategies & skills to face life on life’s terms. Sober coaches are usually in recovery themselves and are able to incorporate some of their own personal experiences within the client’s guidance and planning.

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