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To many, the world of substance abuse, treatment, mental health issues, etc. is one filled with questions. This FAQ page is intended as a general guide to some of the more common questions we’ve heard over the years . . .

Trying to help someone who is in active addiction can be a long & heartbreaking journey. There is no one or easy answer & solution. We recommend you educate yourself on addiction, encourage them to get help for their addictions & seek help for yourself. Enlisting a recovery specialist who can help guide you to interventionists, appropriate treatment options & addiction professionals, can help tremendously in the process & could drastically influence a positive outcome.

We provide discreet & professional addiction consultation. The E V O L V E advantage is our alcohol & drug addiction treatment placement counselors have the expertise & knowledge to conduct an in depth information intake to assess what program & services are most suited for your unique needs. Our case managers, coaches & companions keep people safe & engaged in recovery pre & post treatment. What we are essentially, is a full-scope recovery solution, yet with a sense of fluidity that gives us the ability to create custom treatment plans based on the uniqueness of the client.

Counseling focuses on the past and how the past unresolved issues are impacting the present. Coaching focuses on the present and what actions can be taken today to move the client forward. Evolve will provide referrals to a therapist or doctor if emotional or physical pain is evident. Sober Coaching is often used in conjunction with therapy, but not as a replacement for it. Sober Coaching separates itself from other healthcare professionals. A physician or nurse has expert knowledge and offers advice and diagnosis. Coaches do not diagnose or engage in counseling. Coaches & clients form partnerships that support & encourage their clients to come up with self driven solutions. Given the complexity of drug & alcohol (and other) addictions as compared to other maladies, the greatest chances for lasting sobriety, as well as quality sobriety, is to combine the clinical benefits of therapy along with the experiential & directional benefits of sober coaching.

Whether an individual is in active addiction, early recovery or has established long term sobriety & seeks to move to the next level of their recovery journey, sober coaches & sober companions can greatly help to achieve his or her goals. The first 90 days after initial treatment in rehab are often the most fragile time for newly recovering people. The risk of relapse is always present but can be effectively reduced by hiring a professional sober companion or coach. Sober coaches & companions are traditionally in long term recovery themselves and are able to relate to the alcoholic/addict like no one else. The coach/companion assists in all recovery planning & support. They help families & individuals navigate early sobriety & reintegrate them back into family, work, community and so forth.

We help families in crisis as a direct result of a loved one’s alcohol/drug abuse or other negative behavior. We specialize in helping those who have had unsuccessful attempts at maintaining sobriety after rehab and want to try to work with a sober companion. In addition, we work with individuals, families or employers considering an intervention on or managing a loved one post treatment — our experienced team can help you Lastly, anyone seeking help for themselves or a loved one dealing with alcohol, drug addiction or mental health issues.

There are a variety of treatment options for alcoholism & drug addiction. Most begin in detox before entering the rehab center. Treatment centers vary in approach & specialization. For example, there are gender specific rehabs, luxury rehabs, long term & shorter term facilities, intensive outpatient programs, facilities that focus more on mental health & dual-diagnosis disorders, LGBTQ programs, holistic and several others. In addition, most people will greatly benefit from making slow transitions, along with the guidance and experience from a reputable recovery coach along the way.

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