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Addiction Referral and Consultation Services

Call (877) 747-4887

Addiction Referral and Consultation Services

Call (877) 747-4887

Addiction Referral and Consultation Services

Call (877) 747-4887

Addiction Referral and Consultation Services





Our mission is to connect as many people as possible to long term recovery with the required resources developed exclusively for them.

E V O L V E SOBRIETY offers assistance with numerous referrals and resources, directing clients to the appropriate private treatment facilities & support systems. E V O L V E is here to relieve the confusion & stress people experience when searching for addiction help, such as drug & alcohol treatment, intervention, recovery coaching, etc. Guidance, resources and answers to difficult questions will be answered compassionately.


We utilize a holistic intake procedure designed to determine the best course of action for you or your loved one based on unique circumstances & history, including mental health and dual-diagnosis/co-occurring disorders. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment services should not be approached as a “one size fits all” solution. E V O L V E  SOBRIETY can assist you in finding the tools that will create long term addiction recovery.


 “Let us be your bridge to freedom!”


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E V O L V E  SOBRIETY helps individuals navigate affordable private treatment systems & supports. Government funded treatment centers have lengthy wait lists & do not include or address the necessity for full spectrum care. This includes, Detox, Treatment & a comprehensive Aftercare plan, that incorporates treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders including clinical depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders & trauma (PTSD). At E V O L V E we have highly trained individuals & Treatment Centers who specialize in mental health concerns


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Based in Montreal, Canada E V O L V E  SOBRIETY has a vast network of specialized recovery resources including drug rehab centers, interventionist & recovery/sober coaches, spanning Canada & all its provinces from coast to coast. We are also proud & privileged to be servicing clients in the United States & Europe. E V O L V E SOBRIETY is a premier consultant & provider of specialty & concierge treatment services for drug addiction, alcoholism and related mental health matters. 



Our recovery and support services include:

–  Custom assessments & referrals to drug and alcohol addiction treatment

–  Intervention services & family support

–  Case management

–  Recovery coaching services

–  Concierge recovery services packages

– Online coaching & support



E V O L V E  SOBRIETY has helped thousands of Canadians, Americans & Europeans find the addiction recovery resources they so desperately need, regardless if this is an initial attempt at getting sober or if you’ve had numerous attempts. Our approach is as unique as you are. We value the opportunity to participate in changing the trajectory of a life. We want this time to be the very last time you are scouring the internet in search of help.




The only thing standing in your way is a decision...that's it!


The road to success always begins with a decision. Now is your moment of change - we will create a customized path for you, all you have to do is make the decision....

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The  E V O L V E  Advantage

Drug addiction/alcoholism is not your typical malady. Unlike other diseases, substance abuse and its variations is not purely a physical condition, like cancer or diabetes, nor is it purely a mental condition, like depression or PTSD. Addiction, whether drugs, alcohol or process (i.e., gambling, gaming, sex/porn, etc.) exist on both the physical AND mental levels.

Given this complexity, it is critical that the client be clinically matched with the right treatment facility and approach. EVOLVE SOBRIETY is not merely another drug rehab center, it is a portal into a whole network of treatment centers throughout Canada, each of which specializing in certain client types. We specialize in matching the client with the facility that will best serve the client’s needs — this is the E V O L V E Advantage

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