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Case Management

At E V O L V E our case managers are compassionate client focused professionals who take a holistic approach in coordinating, managing and monitoring all aspects of the client’s addiction recovery care and general well being.

As an individual embarks on the journey of recovery. Given this intricate nature. It is crucial to clinically match the client with the most appropriate treatment team & plan. Our expertise lies and skilfully matching clients with the most robust resources that will best address their unique needs. We also coordinate clinical care services like counselors, recovery & life coaches, doctors (general practitioners as well as mental health physicians, i.e., psychiatrists and psychologists), lawyers and court assistance, etc.

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Our case managers are the single point of contact, thus removing (or greatly minimizing) the obligation & stress from the individual, family members and/or employer. Case managers play a critical role in the early recovery process, especially for those who are new to the concepts of recovery. Getting sober from drugs or alcohol is unlike anything else, and generally entails a process unlike anything else.

We at E V O L V E are guided by a steadfast commitment to ensuring our clients are supported in all areas of their life, including family dynamics & social & community connections, thereby allowing the individual to wholeheartedly focus on their own healing and recovery. As you embark on this life-changing journey, your case manager will be there to navigate the waters for you through education, information, direction & structure, objectives, experience and encouragement.

Evolve Sobriety offers alcohol and drug monitoring and is a proud provider of soberlink.

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