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Executive/ High Profile

E V O L V E  SOBRIETY is the leader in Mental Health/Addiction & Crisis Management.

Our team provides Discreet, Confidential and Professional support for individuals with a high profile-public status. The status of these clients can make it much more complicated to seek required resources. This assignment requires a different level of experience, understanding and special skills to be effective in navigating for a successful outcome.

E V O L V E  provides Sober Coaching/ Companion support 24/7 that can blend into any situation. Our specialists are able to escort our clients anywhere in the world and help keep them safe and accountable during their travels. We can accompany, travel or live with a person long term. Our role is often simply to accompany someone safely to, from and during any event or public commitment. From a power business meeting, film production set, major onstage performance, professional athletics or fulfillment of contract requirements.

Our team of Companions, Coaches & Recovery Specialists have lived experience & are all in long-term recovery. They offer crucial support to clients, and are knowledgeable in relapse prevention methods, coping skills and crisis prevention, as well as maintaining healthy boundaries. We are there to provide companionship, comfort, one-on-one assistance to clients, including ensuring therapeutic safety and well-being as the priority.

An experienced case manager supervises E V O L V E  Companions.

E V O L V E  has the expertise & resources to assemble treatment intervention teams, dispatch Sober Companions/Coaches, arrange doctors/nursing or private jets within a moment’s notice.

We provide exclusive treatment experiences whether it be our Concierge Treatment Services or pairing our clients with the appropriate Executive Treatment Placement.