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We at E V O L V E  SOBRIETY  are very excited to announce the launch of our new website located at: https://evolvesobriety.com.

Located in Eastern Canada, E V O L V E  SOBRIETY is an organization dedicated to improving the scope of efficacy when it comes to the treatment of drug & alcohol addictions. Led by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, we have witnessed the all too common scenarios where a substance abuse and/or mental health client is placed in a treatment center that is unable to effectively address his or her clinical needs. Worse yet, we’ve seen this same scenario play out repeatedly with the same individual, and given the horrors often associated with matters of substance abuse and other addictions it becomes a heart breaking cycle, and not just for the addict but for the family as well.

E V O L V E  SOBRIETY remains committed to changing the paradigm of a drug rehab cycle that remains largely ineffective. In fact, our network of addiction & mental health treatment centers is built largely on the basis of having the ability to offer a broad array of recovery services. More information about our addiction treatment & recovery services is always available for review, and likewise we are here for you 24/7 at (877) 747-4887 should questions arise.

We are very excited to grow this blog into an integrative forum for information and personal experiences in all matters of chemical dependency, co-occurring disorders and even mental health issues. Whether you’re west or central Canada such as, Alberta and Saskatchewan or more eastern like Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, or anywhere else throughout Canada, the U.S. or even Europe, E V O L V E is always here for you and committed to providing a path of recovery that is designed entirely for “you.”


Feel free to learn more about us anytime and for those wanting to contact us we’re available 24/7!

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